Dental Marketing Services – Five Popular Problems You Can Easily Avoid

You need to have content on your website that catches these curious patients. Starving for dental blog topics? Here are a few ideas:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s process of editing your website content and code so the search engines can understand it better and rank your web pages higher in the search results for related queries.

Google’s search result rankings are determined by a complex algorithm, which is carried out by “spiders.” These “spiders” crawl your web pages and look for indicators, keywords, and other factors in order to decide what it’s about and what search queries it best answers.

Here’s where SEO comes in: these spiders speak a different language that humans do—HTML. It’s like someone who speaks Russian trying to determine what a web page in English is about.

you’ll notice they all incorporate one extremely valuable type of media: videos.

Consumers like videos. videos will account for 85 percent of online traffic in the US.

You are in a prime industry to use video because practically everything you do has a visual element to it. Creating one-hour crowns with state of the art 3-D technology? Take a time-lapse of it. Do you have patients that love your work? Get them on camera for a testimonial.

There’s one thing EVERYBODY wants to remove from their daily lives: bad decisions. Wondering about dental marketing assistant?. Well, they can. Research from Google found that today’s consumer is researched-obsessed, largely so they can feel more confident in their decisions. For 90 percent of consumers, that includes looking up ratings and reviews online—88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. you should update or claim your listing on the following websites:

Approximately 44 percent of people say they don’t go to the dentist because it’s too expensive. A way around this is to take out pay per click search ads and advertise specials and prices.

By advertising your price upfront and labeling it a special, you’re addressing one of the biggest pain points consumers have.

If you choose to take out PPC ads, get the advice of a professional. Google makes it seem easy. It’s not.

You need reviews, and you need them consistently. the first step 72 percent of patients take when searching for a new doctor is looking up reviews. Not only that, but 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends or relatives. As if that’s not evidence enough, 48 percent of patients would go out of their insurance network for a doctor with great reviews.

Chances are you use dental marketing postcards. While you shouldn’t nix these, you should consider adding a corresponding email element. Checking email is the very first thing 66 percent of people do after they wake up. Greet them by reminding them of upcoming appointments, tips to keep their teeth white and healthy, and motivation to keep up with their dental health. Over 90 percent of adults want better email communication from their doctor, and a dentist is no different.

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